About SPVG

    Construction and technical engineering supervision services company “Statybos projektų valdymo grupė” UAB (“Construction Project Management Group” – SPVG) was established in 2006.

    Company performs various type technical construction supervision of industrial, commercial, public and living buildings as well as constructions of engineering communications and hydraulic structures and construction related activities.

    Renovation, reconstruction and newly constructed building construction works supervision and consulting are the main services of SPVG. The company employs highly qualified and impeccable reputation in various construction fields certified specialists who have gained very significant experience and are constantly improving their knowledge and skills at seminars, workshops, courses, as well as on their own.

    Company started the implementation of the quality and environmental management standards of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. SPVG services are for the customer, seeking for the implementation of their plans for newly build construction or performing renovation and reconstruction projects. The company’s main business – work with clients and designers, discussing every indispensable elements and actions of the construction process as well as the construction technology to achieve the highest quality result.

    Customer preferences perception and the anticipation of their essential needs allows SPVG to ensure successful construction process and the result which satisfies the client.

    We offer our services by knowing that the projecting and constructing stages of a new building relates to the responsible decisions which are taking lots of time, energy and efforts for our clients.

    The successful performance of SPVG is guaranteed by the expertise of our specialists which allows to serve the most equitable and responsible construction supervision ensuring that the construction contractors’ operations are carried out in accordance with the building technology building regulations requirements while keeping the highest standards.

    In the beginning of 2011 the company became a member of the Lithuanian Business Employers’ Confederation and actively contributes to achieve the common goals set by the confederation.

    Mr Andrius Montvydas


    “Statybos projektų valdymo grupė” UAB (“Construction Project Management Group” – SPVG) performs technical construction supervision services for residential and non-residential buildings. SPVG serves the major building construction technical supervisor functions.

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    SPVG, as an independent country, a full-fledged participant in the construction process entrusted with the maintenance of the structure, the verification of the quantities and quality of construction works, can ensure the impartiality and correctness of the maintenance of the building.

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    The maintenance of the construction of apartment house based on the SPVG and the Contractor’s contract is verified not only by residents of the renovated house, but also by the State Territorial Planning and Construction Inspectorate under the Ministry of Environment and the Energy Savings Agency for Housing.

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    SPVG specialists constantly work with the documentation of construction competitions – we evaluate the conditions for each contest, prepare projects, choose the most optimal engineering solutions.

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