Building technical maintenance

Building technical maintenance during all the processes are controlled by SPVG authorized technical supervisor, using a variety of high-tech measurement devices, thermal imaging cameras, relative humidity, ambient multi-parameter meters, pressure gauges and other similar equipment necessary for the realization of high-quality services. SPVG specialists conduct construction supervision of commercial, public and apartment buildings.

Building technical maintenance consists of:

  • Regular static condition monitoring ( regular monitoring must be carried out at least once a month). During visual inspection of the main structures, fixed observe defects, accidents or collapse of the risks or the fact that they were found. Provides for measures to overcome the defects observed.
    Regular monitoring is fixed in the records of the building maintenance logbook maintained by the building technical supervisor
  • Periodic and specialized examinations of building ( annual inspection of building, its individual structures and engineering equipment inspections are carried out at the end of the winter season, (taking into account of the special characteristics and use of the building before the start of the winter season )
  • Existing structure for building surveys, if they needed the building or its parts to determine the state
  • Audits ( energetic, economic, etc. ), who carried out user of the building of the solution or the special procedure established by law in order to draw conclusions about the structure of a certain aspect
  • Other supplementary examinations set by the owner of a building or which are provided for in other legislation</li

    Building technical maintenance documents:

    • Building Technical Passport, which includes building technical (cadastral data file), economic and Constructive characteristics
    • Heated buildings with a usable area of more than 1000 (one thousand) square meters – Building Data-energy passport, which the technical, economic and constructive characteristics additionally specify the structure of energy performance
    • Building maintenance log, which recorded defects or deformities in a building permanent monitoring have been observed in design and engineering (or the fact that they not found), as well as periodic and special inspections as the registration data, with the due date, managers noticed defects and measures to eliminate them. The log also records of work carried out acts recorded accomplish repairs
    • Building seasonal (periodic) inspection report
    • Building investigations and audits (if they were made) findings

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