Construction design expertise organizing

The company’s range of services consists of various expertise type organization for construction projects. The building projects that requires expertise organizing can be very diverse: residential and non-residential buildings, civil, public, commercial, retail, warehouse, industrial and farmed structures (special and ordinary structure).

SPVG employes professionals who organize the construction project expertise involving different areas. This can be urban energy, electricity networks, wind energy farms, air and sea ports, logistics and shopping centers, factories and office buildings, roads and streets.

Examination of construction projects are carried out in cases of new building construction, building renovation and major repair.

Construction projects require some expertise: building is classified under special buildings category, except when buildings are renovated by the Ministry of Environment approved typical projects tailored to specific renovating buildings or using approved typical structural elements.

SPVG construction project expertise specialization fields:

  • plot layout (plot planning)
  • architecture
  • structures
  • transport and communications
  • production (service) technology
  • water supply and sewage disposal
  • heat (thermal units of 120 MW and up to 25 MPa pressure, the cogeneration plant of 120 MW capacity) and supply
  • heating
  • ventilation and air conditioning
  • pipeline
  • electrical engineering (400 kV)
  • electronic communications (telecommunications)
  • alarm system
  • fire alarm system
  • process control and automation
  • pre-construction and construction organization
  • construction price calculation and fixing
  • economic
  • safety and evacuation of in case of fire

SPVG organizes:

  • the building design, preparation according to the procedures laid down
  • conclusions of construction project expertise when required

By accomplishing the construction design expertise you will be sure that the works are designed and preformed exactly as the builder desires. We guarantee that the design works after their examination will be carried out in accordance with Lithuanian laws and regulations.

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