Construction expertise organizing

The building expertise is an evaluation of existing structures or building that is under construction taken to determine whether the building meets the Building Law Article 4, paragraph 1 of the essential building requirements (according to STR 1:06:03:2002 “Building project examination and expert examination” on Bulding Law of the Republic of Lithuania).

The building and construction expertise requires many years of experience. SPVG specializes in this field since 2008.

Specialists know what it takes to carry out the procedure of building expertise efficiently and complying with the highest standards. Building and construction expertise is conducted in accordance with all the requirements within the optimum possible time set by our customer.

Expert examination consists of the following components:

  • analysis of technical documentation
  • the building areas within the soil and groundwater analysis
  • the building architectural, design and engineering status
  • defects or irregularities identification
  • rectification of the main technical solutions
  • preliminary budgeting

SPVG performs expertise for:

  • structural construction and engineering
  • water supply and sewage disposal
  • heat and hot water production and supply (substation up to 15.0 MW)
  • heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • gasification (gas pipeline up to 1.6 MPa)
  • electrical engineering (up to 35 kV),
  • electric equipment (up to 35 kV), relay protection, automation and telemechanics
  • pre-construction and construction organization
  • economically and financially beneficial reward

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