Construction management and supervision applying building information model – BIM

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Construction management is a building construction way of organizing the construction and other related technical construction activities of the main areas when the work is organized by the construction manager agency agreement between authorized – the builder (client) and representative – the construction manager basis.

SPVG, Construction manager – a company that works as a proxy – the builder (client) representative managing construction of a building, organizing the building construction and related technical construction activities of other key areas of work carried out by its hired of natural or legal persons.

BIM Project essence – an integrated part of the building design, the information used in the construction or operation of the building. It is not only the architectural structures, or only part of the prepared BIM software. BIM covers both technical designs and engineering systems construction and operation of the building.

“Statybos projektų valdymo grupė” UAB (“Construction Project Management Group” – SPVG) construction management and supervision processes are performed with a high focus on customer’s requirements while applying building information model – BIM (Building Information Modeling).

Construction management and supervision under BIM

  • Client representation in negotiations with contractors
  • Preparation and control of construction documents
  • Project coordination and management services, implementation of BIM solutions
  • Tendering and management of construction works
  • Construction project management from construction preparation works stage to recognition of the right to use the building
  • Construction work scheduling and financial management
  • Budgeting
  • Consulting on construction investment, construction and management and supervision
  • Construction and real estate legal advice
  • Building condition assessment by preparing the specialist’s report
  • Construction consulting

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