Construction management

Construction management – a way of organizing construction, when the construction of the structure and related works in other main areas of construction technical activity is organized by the building construction manager on the basis of an assignment contract between the authorized – builder (customer) and the authorized construction manager.

Working in the construction industry for the second decade, the company team has succeeded in developing the SPVG Construction Management System, which allows the Client to save financial resources and optimize time in meeting construction deadlines. We focus our efforts on representing the client’s interests, ensuring successful project execution at all stages, from site evaluation, obtaining a building permit, and recognizing the building as fit for use.

Process management tools and methodologies, an experienced team, close communication with clients, and the ability to hear and understand what they need help us to manage projects well.

Building construction manager – a company acting as an agent of the authorized builder (client), managing the construction of the structure, arranging the works of the construction of the structure and other related technical activities of the construction, performed by the natural or legal persons hired by it.

The construction management service provided by the SPVG


  • Land valuation
  • Obtaining a building permit
  • Analysis of tenders and reporting
  • Representation of the Client’s interests in relations with the Contractors
  • Construction work scheduling
  • Organization and recording of meetings
  • Coordination of design works
  • Preparation of periodic project execution reports
  • Organization, analysis and evaluation of contract tenders
  • Preparation of works contracts
  • Overall coordination of construction work
  • Construction duration, volume, cost, quality management
  • Coordination of site construction and operation
  • Transfer of the building to the Client
  • Organization and participation in the work of the Commission for the Recognition of the Building for Fitness
  • Warranty management of warranties
  • Completion of construction, submission to the Construction Inspectorate
  • Registration of a building in the Register Center

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