Maintenance of general and special construction works of a building

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“Statybos projektų valdymo grupė” UAB (“Construction Project Management Group” – SPVG) performs technical construction supervision services for residential and non-residential buildings. SPVG serves the major building construction technical supervisor functions:

  • control, supervise and ensure that the construction works are carried out according to the building project;
  • control the construction time of construction products and the quality assurance of the building facilities and allow to use it only if when it complies to the building project and normative technical construction documents, normative building safety and purpose of documentation requirements, as well as to the quality of construction products supporting documents;
  • control the quality of construction works carried out and the extent to inform the builder (client) on the construction work carried out when it does not meet the building normative quality requirements;
  • check and accept the construction works and non-visible building structures are involved in the testing and the recognition suitable for use in engineering networks, engineering systems, facilities and structures;
  • working together with the contractor on the building recognition (permission) of the right to use the documents and participate in building recognition (permission) of the right to use;
  • carry out general (general construction), building construction technical supervision functions, coordinate special (special construction), building construction and maintenance activities of its leaders.

SPVG activities include the following areas of work:

  • All general construction and finishing works
    • Engineering networks
    • indoor and outdoor water supply and sewage disposal
    • heat production and distribution
    • ventilation and air conditioning
    • gas pipeline
  • Electricity networks
    • electrical facilities and automation
    • telecommunication networks
    • security and fire alarm systems
  • Water facilities
    • water supply and waste water processing
    • drainage, reclamation and other hydro-engineering facilities

Technical construction supervision is performed by strictly regulated order.

Main points of regulation

  • daily inspection of the work by making entries in the construction log
  • work volume calculation and alignment with the customer
  • amount of work inspection prior to each month of work act

Construction work can be partially accepted only in cases where is a neatly filled journal (construction log), as well as construction work and constructions are researched and tested on time.

The final acceptance of works performed by each contractor occurs when the full transfer of the entire documentation (construction material declarations conformity to regulations and testing acts) is processed, as well as the correction of all construction work in the journal, a technical supervisor or authority supervising manager’s referred weaknesses are carried out.

After the object is finally build, technical supervisor collects, arranges and assigns to the builder (client) all the technical documentation related to the construction of a building and required for the commissioning and start exploiting the building.

The pricing of SPVG services prevails flexible pricing policy. We are ready to negotiate on building supervision work cost, depending on the complexity of the object and construction volumes.

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