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In order to ensure the best possible residential building (apartment properties) renovation work quality, each renovated house should have a technical supervisor. We understand that the renovation is a very important and responsible process that requires particularly strict control over works and monitoring of processes.

After signing the contract with the customer, our company’s operations on ongoing residential building reconstrucion supervision are checked not only by renovated the house residents, but also by the State Territorial Planning and Construction Inspectorate (VTPSI) of the Ministry of Environment and Housing Agency for Energy Conservation (BETA).

Although the recent renovation implementation rates of appartment house projects of has increased significantly, professional services and work quality of “Statybos projektų valdymo grupė” UAB (“Construction Project Management Group” – SPVG) did not lowered because our company’s engineers perform the same quality assurance policy on all ongoing projects no matter how many projects we maintain at the moment.

Clear and strict technical control system applies which works to ensure the best results of the renovation work and of course, it is our daily bread. Any of reservations are just impossible.

SPVG apartment house renovation supervision services are always carried out in the highest standards in order to fulfill the expectations of residents and stand for the public interest by seeking for the best results.

The main objectives of SPVG services for renovation processes:

  • To inspect compliance with the general provision and regulations
  • To assess the correct implementation of a particular building elaborate design solutions
  • To ensure the proper application of compliance with construction requirements
  • To make sure and appraise by the legal and regulatory conditions of the construction product manufacturer are applied

Following the terms of the contract with the client, we consider each renovated building construction aspects of the supervision, guided by the provisions where the main criteria is a separate technical construction regulation STR 1:09:05: 2002 chapter “Static building maintenance.”

SPVG engineers engaged in the renovation process of apartment houses pose a big responsibility, and it goes without saying that our company executives’ focus on the quality of services provided is special.

Under the conditions defined by the agreement we guarantee that SPVG specialists perform their duties properly, while consistently cooperating with the inspection of VTPSI officials and representatives of BETA. We try to ensure that house residents would periodically be interested in the works performed and the quality of renovation.

In order to perform all the work in a fair and transparent manner to ensure effective supervision the SPVG ensures that all processes are carried out under strict policy.

The main principles of SPVG services for renovation processes:

  • provides for visiting construction inspectors all the necessary documents
  • during the renovation all the participants and contractors are jointly involved in all legislative, regulatory inspection practices
  • adheres to the technical oversight of the obligation as laid down, in accordance with prescribed exercise works to develop, in line with the client and provide for VTPSI BETA the required buildings and inspection schedules
  • the schedule consists of not less than one week of the period, indicating the exact time SPVG technical supervisor plans to inspect renovation of the building and the works performed at the site.

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