Technical supervision of renovation works

Our experience shows that building supervision, carried out by the same general contractor as the client, its construction professionals or construction project management company engaged in construction management and general contracting services can not ensure equitable and correct building supervision to implement the client’s desire to get the perfect result which completely meets the expectations of its owner.

Only an independent party (the company) as a full-fledged participant in the construction process, which is entrusted with building supervision functions, construction work quantity and quality assurance, can ensure these Client’s plans to be implemented.

SPVG activities ensure that the reconstructed objects construction supervision works are carried out as required by the Technical Building Regulation STR 1.06.01:2016 “Construction work. Building construction

Moreover, our specialists performs work supervision, technical design review and analysis, the search for ways to avoid threats arising and affecting the quality and implementataion of construction works. This is especially relevant in in the non-visible facility implementation works like the installation of thermal insulation, foundation and floor structures reinforcement and others.

All that we have already successfully implemented in objects for which both of performed construction work on the attribution and volume varies. SPVG’s Clients are private individuals, businesses, retailers, local authorities or public companies.

In most cases all of the clients’ expectations have been fulfilled flawlessly and small deficiencies contractors have been fixed in accordance to the applicable technical regulations on construction requirements.

Meeting points could be found in each case.

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